thrill of the wrong place by Bogdan Dragos

she sat him down
at what she
judged to be the most
isolated table in the
and then seated herself
across from him

took off her shoes
and did
what she always did
when they
shared the same table

placed her feet
into his lap
began to work around the
belt and the zipper

She was getting quite
good at it. Unnaturally
skilled. Her toes
having the dexterity
of fingers

“When will you get
tired of
this?” he whispered

She smirked at him
and said,
“To get tired before the
climax is a sin.”

It was true. In her world.
But her world
was a most
weird one

If not in the restaurant,
she'd only want to get
in the back seat of
some bus. If not that
then in the bathroom of
some gas station.
If not that
then in some changing room
of a clothing store,
but it always had to be
in whatever place
felt wrong

What is it with some people
that they only
get truly aroused when
the sex act they engage into
bears a smudge
of wrongness about it?

For some it's the partners
that have to feel
(family members, step siblings,
ridiculous age gaps,
different species, etc)  

for others it's the sexual
act in itself
that has to feel wrong

For her
it was the place

It always had to be
where the threat of being
hanged heavy in the balance

One could never do
anything with her
in a
private bedroom for example,
not unless other people
were just
outside the
and the door was unlocked,
maybe even
cracked open a little

And now...
now she brought him into
a fancy restaurant
and did things to his privates
under the table

“This is crazy,” he

“Oh, yes,” she said

“No, I mean, how the fuck
we gonna pay here?
This restaurant's expensive as
a visit to the hospital in
an ambulance!”

“Aha, and we're getting
the chef's specialty. I've
already ordered it.”

“And how the fuck
we gonna pay though?”

“Baby, don't worry about
it. I told you
I got this, didn't I?”
Her foot got
past the zipper
on his pants and
was already working hard
on his underwear

Well, sometimes you just
gotta let go.
A relationship with someone
like her
was more
than enough to
prove him that

So he did. He let go

And before the food
she revealed
a pocket full of cash

and before he could
ask where all that
came from
she said, “I stole my
step-daddy's prosthetic leg.”

“You what?”

“Yeah. And sold it
to a scrap yard. Made quite the
cash. So eat up, love. It's
on me, hehe.”

When the sex
organs are stimulated,
it is
titanic work for the
brain to
demand login in a situation

His brain
failed. As it always did
when he was
with her

The food arrived
and they started

Deer steak in
raspberry sauce

It was delicious. As spicy
as life
with her 

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