Romantic Connections by BBYCGN

During COVID Pandemic, PG13 (Facial Nudity)

K95 masks

He and I each slipped out of our K95 masks in unison, tossing them aside like wild animals. I discovered myself drifting above imperial seas as I swooned in the rawness of his naked face. 

The smooth fluidity of every word formed upon his lips left me unable to comprehend anything he said. Despite time standing still, our connection of unmasked faces reached an ethereal climax in our discussion. Together, we slipped back on our K95 coverings, respectfully hiding our facial nudity. 

On my way out, I pulled the door behind me with a soft click as I floated in a dreamy buoyancy down the hall. I whispered with a breathless urgency to the receptionist, “Please… schedule another appointment with my psychiatrist in the soonest slot available… the very soonest.”

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