being into bad girls by Bogdan Dragos

Removing the bloody towel
from the top of
his head,
he looked at the redness
gathered amidst the
white fluffiness
and said,
“It started with
my mom.”

and she completed
with, “Obviously,” and added
a swift rolling of
the eyes

“Yeah,” he went on. “She
wasn't like
other moms. And you know,
were really though
times I grew up in. I don't
know what
other women would've
done in her place, but
she stole cash from
her employer almost
daily. Thus
she made that hard life
so much easier
for both of us.”

“Aha,” she said. “So basically
that's why now
as a grownup you're
into bad girls, right?”

“Basically,” he said,

“Well,” she said, “you
might end up
disappointed. I don't think I
can be as bad
as your mom was.”

“You fuckin' cracked my
head open
with a bottle after
I approached
you in the bar,” he said,
pointing at the
soaked towel

“And that's enough to make
me a bad girl?”

He laughed. “No, but
the fact that you're so
unaware of
what makes you one... makes
you one.
You're a natural talent.”


“Nevermind. Let's go get
some more

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