But no one improves….#poetry

By Jane Aguiar

In this world of humans, 
humanity needs support. 
A helping hand should be extended, 
not selfishness.

The pat on the back 
has disappeared somewhere. 
Curses are easily received now, 
humanity itself is dead.

Live till death or live dying. 
We have to decide now. 
We have to decide how much 
and how to live till dying.

Want to cry a lot, 
want to free my heart, 
but my eyes are dry. 
They need a shoulder to cry on, 
they need someone to lean on.

Now the measure 
of iniquity is full, 
misdeeds are overflowing. 
Momentary pleasures are enjoyed, 
but no one improves….

©️ Jane Agu
site: https://meandmyliterature.wordpress.com/

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