Sweet and Fierce is She

Michele Lee In love, Poetic Prose, Video

Hers is a heart of extremes; rare it seems. Two atriums pumping independently: sweetly and fiercely, blood merges into one life force. Buried under skin and bone is the source. Never trapped, never contained; her heart extends to the edge of the universe. In its chambers, lives two: a gentle child safeguarded from corruption and distortion, who delights at the sight of meandering Monarchs and who weeps over golden horizons and a bold woman smoldering with intense passion, who need not ask for permission to blaze like a thousand suns. The child and protector, within her, beat as one.

https://video.wordpress.com/embed/m1izdGXt?cover=1&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=1&hd=1 I (almost) stumbled on this visitor a few nights ago

Making this video reminded me of my post, “Shedding Skin,” my poem about snakes, paired with Sammi Lee’s incredible art. Check it out (art, poem, and music video)!

Thank you for visiting and reading! Be well. Michele

Photo of me taken by Casey Olson along the The Salt River, AZ

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