eavesdropping for inspiration by Bogdan Dragos

they say that eavesdropping
on private conversations
is quite the
great idea
for writers
looking for inspiration

Well, I think
I was still a writer
back then

The year was 2013 and
I was in college
and also working my
first job
as a waiter at a
fancy restaurant

The problem with running
a fancy restaurant in
a not-at-all-fancy town
is that you're gonna
lack customers

On that evening
there was but
a single table with one
and I couldn't stand
the guy

I couldn't even call it
because you could hear
the dialogue even if
you covered your ears

Also I
couldn't call it a
because only the guy
was talking

And my god,
was he talking
and talking
and talking
and jumping from topic
to topic
like a loud, splashing
skipping stone

Who the hell could listen
to his rambling
and be like, 'okay, I've
been inspired by
this guy's words, I know
what to write next.'?

At one point he said,
“...and then my girl got
down nice an' neat
on her knees. We were by the
fridge, see? And with one
hand she opens my fly
and with the other
she opens the
fridge door and fumbles around
for something. What she
takes is the tray of
ice cubes. Pulls it out and
collects about three
or four of 'em. Then
she puts them all into
her mouth and
takes my dick in as well.
There was just
enough room inside, haha! But
wait, it
doesn't end here. Oh, no way.
She then reaches for
a bottle of Sprite, takes one
big, big
gulp, but doesn't swallow. Just
keeps it in her
mouth with the melting
ice cubes. And then again
takes my dick. It's all a heaven
of cold fizz, the sensation
is something to drive
a guy mad. Mad, I tell

Yeah, and he went on
and on
about it.
I don't know how wise it is
to talk to your current
girl about
crazy shit you did with
your previous girl,
but this guy was
really making no
secret about it

People who work or
have worked in retail will
understand how it
feels to
thank God when a
certain customer leaves

Well, I was about to
say my big
thank you to the divines,
but then
the guy pays
and I see that he's leaving
me a one hundred bill
as tip

Now that
I was not expecting

Suddenly I realized that
the problem of
people working in
retail is not exactly the
but not getting
paid enough
to deal
with them

And I hold on to
my belief to this day

What strengthened it even
further was
the fact that after
paying and leaving
the huge tip,
the guy took the girl
to the car
and then returned alone
and asked to
speak to me

He laughed
and said, “Hey, buddy, look. I
know this is
gonna sound weird
an' all, but
could you return me
the one hundred? I mean, heh,
surely you know
already that a successful
diner date
ends with impressing the
lady by leaving a
hefty tip to the waiter,
That's what I was
trying to do. I think I
made it, heh.
So yeah, um, can I have
it back now? Be a
bro here and
understand me, please.”

I had nothing to say
to him.
I was young at the time.
and all that.
At the moment I thought
that lower people
than him
can't exist in the world

(Boy, was I wrong
as fuuuuck!)

I just sighed
and returned him
the one hundred

and I guess in a last attempt
to save some face
he gave me back
a ten, turned
and left without saying
another word

It's been some years
since then. I remember him
and laugh,
but I laugh more at
and my naivety
from back then

I know also that
a day will
come when I'll laugh
at my naivety from
right now

Life really feels like
a journey in which
you can constantly look
back over your
and see things. No matter what
you see, the best
response should be
a little laugh 
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15 comentarios sobre “eavesdropping for inspiration by Bogdan Dragos

  1. Boy, what a jerk that man was. You should have kept the hundred. If you came up with the excuse you shared the money with the staff, he would probably not dare to ask it back. However, such people have no shame, I guess.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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