by Riya Yadav

Wandered carefully, recaptured where I began
You conquered my heart, whose to blame?
No greater warmth of love in the blanket that covers
My squeaky voice struck dumb, beneath lies my shame
No misjudgements ahead of myself
You crossed the height to make me feel homely
I lie here, Incapable to face the world outside
A place where I don’t feign, when I’m lonely
What would you do if you saw my reality?
If you ever arranged the pieces that are mine
Would you accept me, abandon or try to amend?
Are you too different behind this crooked smile that shines?
This is the moment to live as you might
These unbreakable four walls are safe and sound
Waking up to sip my lemon drinks
Loves and flings are cakes and coffee, what is not easy
Is to loose what you once had found
Image by sgroene from Pixabay

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