it’s gonna be a fantastic scene by Bogdan Dragos

the children are bothering
her again

running around her
table as she's
struggling to
focus on typing

there's plenty of room in
the house
but the lil' shits have
to play around
her and the keyboard

And it goes on
and on
and the kids spin round and
running, screaming,
calling each other names,
testing out new
cuss words

She's taking a small
break to
light another cigarette

the beer bottle
that stands on the table besides
the keyboard
is empty
and that's even more annoying
than the kids

she grabs it
and tucks it between
her legs

squeezes it


in the chapter she's
her alter ego
enters the house
to find the
unnamed man naked on the bed

and then proceeds to
how a rose stem with thorns
is tucked deep into
his urethra and the flower
stands in full bloom
at the top of his
throbbing penis

He invites with a confident
and a motion of his
hairy, muscular hand

The heroine is
but intrigued

It's gonna be
a fantastic scene

Even the kids are
gonna love
reading it
after they grow up

“Mom, I'm hungry!” says one
of them

and the other follows
with, “me, I'm hungrier, but
I want pancake with–”

“No! I'm hungrier!
I want you to
drop dead.”

“Not if I kill you

She's taught herself to
observe them
not as real human beings,
but as characters in
her own deranged,
cryptic, and yet unpublished writings

The instances of
her not being able to
ones from the others
grew quite numerous
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