Cheers to Me!

By Terveen Gill

I’m the one who comes drunk to the party. But I never leave drunk.


Because I usually pass out midway. Yes, embarrassing.

I doubt it’ll be any different today.

Still at home, I’m four drinks down, the fifth almost done, the sixth is coming with me. My driver honks furiously. I slip into the backseat, my cologne more pungent than my breath.

Nothing like a cool drink with the air-conditioning full blast. My driver keeps turning to look at me. Why does his face resemble my mother’s? I want to ask him, but he has more important problems to discuss.

He points at my glass, it’s almost empty, then at my shirt, a wet, shapeless patch graces its center. I’m drunker than I thought.

The party is all laughter and music. Neither interest me. I’ve abandoned conversations. I head straight to the bar. My legs say that way, my mind says the other. I stagger forward.

The bartender is in uniform. I raise my hand and salute him. A dutiful man deserves respect. He serves his countrymen without complaint, so much careful pouring, stirring, and shaking. Years of experience leap from his lips.

Scotch on the rocks with a twist?

What a guess! He couldn’t be more correct.

Two large gulps, and it’s gone, but he’s ready with another. I thank him and kiss his hand. It feels and smells like rubber.

I turn to leave, but sway like a fool.

Ah! A familiar face. I wave. He waves back. That boyish smile. Surely, a long-lost friend of mine.

We say hello. I can’t stop talking. He’s even more eager. I raise my glass to rediscovered friendship.


My glass hits his and he shatters into a hundred pieces.

I then pass out in front of the broken mirror.

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20 comentarios sobre “Cheers to Me!

  1. That broken mirror is such a good metaphor for the horrors of alcoholism or any other addiction. A shattered soul, lying in a hundred pieces on the floor… My dad’s dad was a vicious, violent drunk; my dad was a «dry drunk» and just as vicious. Addiction is such a destroyer of worlds. You’ve portrayed this so vividly. I don’t drink, but once, out of curiosity, I read the entire Alcoholics Anonymous Bible (700 pages) so I could try to understand what addiction must be like. It opened my eyes to the horrors these folks experience and showed just how powerful and insidious addiction is. This is a harrowing piece, Terveen, and so well crafted, both excellent and terrifying. Well done.

    Le gusta a 3 personas

    1. Thanks so much, Mike, for sharing a painful part of your life. Addictions are debilitating and terrifying. They can transform people into monsters and the worst part is making someone realize that they have a problem. The effects radiate towards immediate family and sadly create traumas of their own. I often add pinches of humor to sad realities. Makes them more bearable or maybe that’s what I’ve convinced myself. Take care and keep writing! 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. This actually made me want to drink! So tired of all these years of being a boring responsible adult. I would just love to get stupid drunk and not even recognize my own face. It would be so glorious seeing a devastatingly handsome stranger and then realizing it’s me. So uplifting! Stripping away the layers to see yourself from a different perspective. What could go wrong? On my way to the liquor store now. Thanks, Terveen! You’ll be responsible for my downfall or my enlightenment. We’ll see!

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. All I can say is – Tony, please wait for me! When we rise or fall, we rise or fall together. And I think I need to write another piece to balance this one out and set things on the path of sobriety again. But if getting stupid drunk is just a one time thing, then maybe it’s not so bad. I think writing can have a similar effect. Who am I? Why am I? Haha! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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