Masticadores has crossed the figure of 184,000 visits from January to September and with this we will meet the appointment of 250,000 annual visits, we have gained 100 thousand visits in one year.

We can say that spending a number of visits with only two long years is still fantastic news. There are 15 blogs, which sometimes ask us: Why so much content? The answer stems from diversity. Our authors have so many records! For this reason Masticadores, although it appears to be an out-of-tune orchestra, allows it to show the debate, the tonalities or the rhythms of a globalized society. At the beginning we have been tempted to do the classic magazine of buddies that only mentions their colleagues. We have chosen the most difficult path, to talk about the diverse and spontaneous that supposes a greater effort, because behind this versatile there are 15 editors and their powerful agendas that cross the desert to allow the oasis to seem like a miracle. That is the nerve, the perseverance to communicate.

Now we start the third year, from September to September, in a turbulent time of War / Nowar!, we will do the simple thing, tell stories, discover poems, or debate through our essay authors without fear.

Facing the crazy idea of ​​War. For a NoWar!

Thank you all J re crivello

Masticadores is published in Portuguese, Romanian, English, Spanish. And in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, USA, India, Peru. (Spain), MFocus, MArchipiélago, MBrasil, MMexico, MSur, MRomántica, MItalia, M Gobblers, MRumanía, MInfantil&Juvenil, MFem, MUSA, MIndia, MMisterio

Its editors live in: Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, León, India, USA, Romania, Málaga (Benalmádena). And its authors in 100 cities.

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