Ordinary Things

by Dawn Pisturino  

He fell in love
Watching her do ordinary things:
The wave of her hand, while saying farewell,
Cut him to the core, making him want to stay;
Rolling pie crust on a floured board,
Back and forth, back and forth,
Until the rhythm lulled him into dreamless sleep;
Kneading the dough for fresh-baked bread,
A sensuous massage in his own mind,
Fold over, fold over, and punch;
The way she smelled the towels right out of the dryer
And carefully folded them for the linen closet.
He loved the way the sunlight streaked her hair
In the middle of the day while cutting roses,
And kissed away the drop of blood that clung
To her slender finger after the thorn left it there.
She smiled at him then, and they both knew:
It’s the ordinary things that make love real.
Imagine de Couleur de la Pixabay 


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  1. Reblogueó esto en Dawn Pisturino's Blogy comentado:
    I am happy to announce that my poem, «Ordinary Things,» has been published on Gobblers & Masticadores. I want to thank J RE Crivello and Manuela Timofte for publishing it. Please visit Gobblers and give them your support. Thank you! (I apologize for re-blogging this a few days late. I’ve been overwhelmed with taking care of my husband after his surgery and trying to maintain a normal routine. Thank you for your understanding.)

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