dumpster fire by Bogdan Dragos

four nights ago
one of the
plastic dumpsters caught
fire and kept
until morning

it offered light
and warmth

and the best part...
as it grew ever smaller
with melting,
it resembled a statuette
of a female figure
licking lustfully at it's own
hands joined in prayer

It would've been a sin
not to take her home

He had no home
other than the
abandoned building he lived
in though,
so he took her there

and joined her in prayer
and made love to
it many times, his lips black
from caressing the
burnt plastic

this morning too
he defecates on it
and spreads the stuff
all over her face
to keep
her alive

There is infinite happiness
in his success

She starts talking to him,
kind words he'd never
heard from
humans in his life

“My love,” she says, “your
genuine appreciation
of my beauty
pleases me
immensely. I would reward you.
But first, make
me even more alive. You can
do it.”

He didn't know how,
but that was alright, for
she told him

“The life of a young one.
Give it to me. Cover
and bathe me in it. The life
of a young one as
you see daily playing
in the park. A little girl, pretty
as the sunshine after rain.
I desire to bask in
her life force.
Bring me one.”

He nodded with the
grin on his deformed face
and set towards the

It was a sunny

one he'll never
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