a big hole in the ear lobe by Bogdan Dragos

She pointed at the

big hole in

her ear lobe.

“Yeah, I tried putting

a horn through it.

Real piece of horn from

a bull, by the way.

But problem was, after I got

it in, well, it just

didn’t look as cool as

I thought it would. It

didn’t look

like a horn. More like a

dick. I don’t wanna

walk around with

a dick in my ear. And now I’m

stuck with

this hole. I like it,

but I’d like to

fill it with something.

Something cool, you know?

What would you put in it

if you

were me? Oh, and don’t give some

witty answer like ‘common sense’ or

‘a brain’ or some shit

like that cuz I’ll leave

right away.”

He said nothing. Just watched

her, eyes

fixated on the large hole

in her ear lobe

She snapped her

fingers. “Hey, you alright


He said, “My mother died

the other day.”

“What? Oh god, I’m… so


“I’ll cut off her

ring finger,” he said


“With the wedding

ring on. It’s not too late,

we haven’t buried her yet. Her

body’s still at the morgue,

in the freezer. I’ve the

right to see her. I’ll cut

off her ring finger

and you can put

that through your ear, how

about it?”

“What the fuck!?”

There was silence at

their table. Only stares

“Boy, you’re crazier than

I am,” she said


He nodded

and stood and motioned

the waiter for

the check. “Let’s go to

the morgue right away.

I got some good pliers in

the car. Even a saw.”

She said nothing for as long

as it took

the waiter to

bring them the check

though when she finally

found her voice

she said, “Alright, let’s

go, love.”

12 comentarios sobre “a big hole in the ear lobe by Bogdan Dragos

  1. There’s a customer in one of the casinos I supervise who’s got this dried thumb in a silver chain that he wears around his neck. I don’t know if it’s an actual thumb from an actual human being, but he says it belonged to his father who died, and says it’s a lucky charm.
    Surprisingly, he actually wins more than he loses at the slots, so…

    Anyway, he kinda gave me this idea…

    Me gusta

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