Are You Happy? Please Tell Me

By Terveen Gill

‘Sara darling. Are you happy? Please tell me.’

Max reached for his wife’s hand. Sara gazed out the window, Max’s touch brought her nothing.

No warmth.

Not a shred of comfort.

She could hardly feel the man’s hand upon her cold skin.

The view outside was overwhelming. It had always been her favorite, the reason she kept returning to the cabin even in the frigid month of January.

She and Max had seen better days here. The cabin had been their secure getaway, a dreamy retreat when escaping the filth of their problems.

But now it was beyond her.

Sara couldn’t look at Max without resenting the man he had become.




A mess that grew bigger every time she looked at it. Had she been married to this man for seven years?

It was difficult to accept.

His voice lingered upon her like a cold draft.

‘Sara, my love. Are you happy? Please tell me.’

She wished that she could lie to the love of her life, but then many truths would have to be retold. Time had changed what had been into what was no more. And it wasn’t pretty.

But Sara knew she was weak and her inability to break Max’s heart was what kept her playing this charade.

So silence was her way of disguising the unspeakable with harmony.

‘Sara please. We can’t go on this way.’

They had reached that familiar point again. Max’s insistence would be honored with her terse reply.

‘Why can’t we go on like this, Max?’

The man covered his face with his hands and curled his shoulders forward.

He had accepted defeat.

Sara would end the evening for both of them.

‘It’s been ten years since we were murdered here.’

Max groaned. Sara answered his irrelevant question.

‘What’s there to be bloody happy about?’

30 comentarios sobre “Are You Happy? Please Tell Me

  1. I love these double-take, whiplash endings of yours, Terveen. M. Night Shyamalan comes to mind. I can’t imagine going through eternity in an unhappy relationship. The reference to her cold skin tripped my radar, but I still didn’t see this one coming. Well played, Terveen, as always! 🙂

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. Thanks so much, Mike. I’m a huge M. Night Shyamalan fan. There’s always something so settling in his unsettling plots and storylines. Like life isn’t hard enough without the creepiness. But then a good scare or a nervous tingle down the spine dispels the boredom. I had no idea where I was going with this, but then ghosts tend to come to the rescue. Deep gratitude for your wonderful thoughts and words. 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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