Lost In You…  #LaCalma  #SyllabicPoem by Jane Aguiar

I gaze, the dusk glows with colour
Sky fell in love was a rumour
Attracts me your sense of humour
I came from afar tattooed name
Did this to prove love and gain fame
Grief washed away in a light rain
Tears came down at the thought of pain
The door of soul open honey
For the fragile pure mind of me
Can't sleep, my mind flies like a bird
Can't speak, tongue doesn't say a word 

The heart is wet enough with love
The sky showered love from above
Nature nurtured love, began to love
A blush on both cheeks, no one knows
Pure love follows love and only grows
Passion started to feel today
Breath caught in you but did not say
The wise say, love does not expand
Ages blame love, yet lover holds hand
Love for you will never finish
This is the first and the last wish

Drive me crazy, I'm lost in you
No hint of the hiccups, quite true
It goes both ways, is not untrue
Nice to see you again, I'm thrilled
Desires of the soul are fulfilled
You boost me to write, you are smart
You will remain always in heart
Here and there I see your image
For this avoid people in village
I will always be your soulmate
Do not know what's written in fate 

©️ Jane Aguiar 

Pic credit:The incredible world 

⭐ The poem above is a LaCalma syllabic poem: Rhyme scheme: aaa,bB,cc,dd,bB
8 syllables per line in iambic tetrameter
11 lines per stanza. 3 stanzas(33lines) total
Content must be nurturing, spiritual


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