If you don’t make friends with rejection it’ll become your stalker

By Bogdan Dragos

the building was
scheduled to be

it was already just a pile
of rubble
standing somewhat together

It'll probably be demolished
by the same
local company that
rejected his
application for a job

When you're homeless
not even
demolition companies will hire

Or perhaps it was
he kept making advances to
the manager who
interviewed him

Well, he was
and thought the manager was quite
beautiful in her
worker's attire

so he got double

Eh, wouldn't be for the
first time

If you don't make friends
with rejection
it'll become your stalker

"Fuckin' shit!" he said,
kicking at the corner
of a wall
and dislodging a piece
of concrete

He would've kicked some
but didn't wanna do the
job for the damned company
that rejected him

There was nothing else
to do but
get down, stand with
the back against
the damaged wall
and think about her

The manager

And how good she
looked in
that attire

he cursed himself for
not being
able to let go of
the image. There was something
too hot
about a woman working
in a demolition company

She looked like
she could really
hurt a man, and not
only psychologically

Oh, he would've
liked nothing more than
to be hurt by her
every day. And night.

He grabbed the piece of
concrete that fell
from the wall
and hit it against his
knee and then against
the shin

closed his eyes
and imagined it was her
kicking him
with those big, heavy
worker boots

Soon enough he
got a hard on

and began rubbing that
concrete against
his leg

up and down

pressing hard

visualizing her boot with
his mind's eyes

the splotches of blood
surfaced on the
skin soon enough
and with them an orgasm

He watched the blood
gather on
his shoe
and smiled

"You can't take this from
me," he whispered. "No one
can take this
from me." 

20 comentarios sobre “If you don’t make friends with rejection it’ll become your stalker

  1. ‘If you don’t make friends with rejection, it’ll become your stalker’ – great title, great piece and also great advice for writers in general. Make friends with rejection. Don’t allow it to become your stalker. This poem works on many levels. Brilliant – as per usual, Bogdan!

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. ( ノ◕ヮ◕ )ノ*:・゚✧ Thank you, Britta!

      Yes, rejection is part of the writer’s life, and so is solitude. One simply cannot beat at the writing craft while hanging with people, so making friends with solitude is also a must :))

      What others call loneliness, we must call ‘just being alone’ 🙂

      Le gusta a 3 personas

  2. Bogdan, great, congrats ! You know place from where this words come veeeeery goood , yes ?:)
    Twenty years ago at my former job,i was angry at my boss and punched the wall until I broke my collarbone, they wanted me to do completely meaningless things…..it’s hard to accept that you’re hitting on someone and they then throw a big s..t at you and laughs in your face… hmmm, orgasm You say…imagine short movie, You are really screen writter!
    Good creative day !
    And You have right..we are Masters of Solitude…but this moments….pricelles ! 🙂

    Le gusta a 2 personas

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