many other lies to uncover by Bogdan Dragos

she kicks the dust
with her
tennis shoes
that were cut off to
look like sandals

squats and
picks up
the earwig

shows it to him

tilts her head to
the side
and brushing her hair
she puts the earwig into
her earlobe

like in a bowl

The insect doesn't get
inside the ear canal. It
quickly crawls out
and struggles to run away
back towards the ground

"See?" she demands
as she stands and
places her hands
on hips. "It doesn't go into
the ear.
It's a lie! It's been a lie
all along.
And you believed it like
the idiot you are.
Don't you wanna slap
yourself now?
You've been living a lie. They've
controlled you like
a dog."

He watched her. Said

she twisted her face in
a grimace and in
a gruff voice
said, "If you keep making ugly
faces you'll remain
stuck like that."
She then brought her face
back to normal
and with the normal
voice said, "See? It's just
another lie they
told us.
Everything is!
Everything is a lie. Not a
word of what they
say is true.
And that includes
when they say
that they love you.
Filthy liars!
Only I love you for real.
Do you love
me too?"

"Y-yes!" he said

"Are you sure?"

"I am."

"You wouldn't lie to me,
would you?
Not like them."

"No. I don't lie.

"And you will never again
believe what they
tell you?"

"Never again."

"Good. Then take 'em off.
Your clothes. I've
many other lies
to uncover for you.
Follow me."

He didn't hesitate

It was good to have someone
to trust
after being lied to
for so long

Life would
only get
better from here
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