whatever you seek you will not find by Bogdan Dragos

the more you struggle
to attain
the heavier depression

but somewhere along the
way you
have to realize
why you want to be happy

What's the reason?

If it's just because happiness
feels good
and the other thing
then it's not enough

the very search for
occurs because the mind
thinks it's smarter
than the heart. It thinks that
it knows better what
happiness is

what a fool


the mind doesn't know

it's just a bully
who coerces every other part
of the being to
agree with its twisted

And the heart,
not being able to fight back
because fighting involves
hating an opponent,
just surrenders, lets
the mind have its way

Do not seek to get
rid of

seek to be
okay with having it

Side with the heart,
not with
the mind

The heart loves
and accepts

and you can't
go wrong
with that

Whatever you seek
you will not find. Because
seeking is done
by the mind

the heart knows you already
have what you seek,
but being all love
it enjoys the game of
pretending you
don't have it
and searching for it. It's
fun. And it sees
no reason to
ruin the fun for the mind. It just
lets the game go

that's why you can never
have what
the mind desires

as long as you side
with the mind
stuck in the game,
going round and round forever

Siding with the heart
on the other hand
doesn't give you
what you want. It makes
you no longer
want it because
now you realize it's been
yours all along. You've
but to enjoy it

The heart never seeks
to get. Any desire
to get comes
from the foolish mind

The heart desires only
to give, to share

because it knows
that it has everything

Only when you know
you have it all
can you give away
so freely

and that is the heart

Happiness then
stands in befriending
depression like the
abused, undesired child
it is

"Hey, little one. You're
okay. I like
you. We can play
together and have fun.
I know, let's highlight your
talent for
creative writing. I really
feel like
as long as you're with me
we can write something
truly outstanding
Let me show you..."

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