Live Laugh Love

by Riya Yadav

Ever wondered what is it like to live a life full of self doubts, woes and anxiety. Ever wondered what is it like to have no high hopes , dreams and plans rather a life full of infinite darkness chasing you, making your heart hollow from inside?

Isn’t it tiresome when you are judged at every point of your life? Too skinny or too fat. Too short or too dark. We are a reflection of what others think we are not what we really are. This is the main reason of the prolonged sadness within you. Sometimes I wonder if this is what life is about – scrolling and stalking people on instagram? Or maybe the sole purpose of life is to gain more and more followers in your social media? 

The hard truth is your mental health gets wrecked the moment you start comparing yourself to others. It starts deteriorating when you isolate yourself from others questioning that you are not good enough to be a part of the society. How heavy load does one’s mind carry is quite unpredictable. In this world of increasing vainness in social media, it is essential to embrace our identity. 

We are what we think so it becomes important that we think positive about ourselves and stop being cynical about life.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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