all part of a grand plan

By bogdan Dragos

"You are going to
die," she
told him

He was silent
for a moment
and then said, "I know."

"I mean
very soon," she
added. "The Holy Mother
Spirit Guardian told me.
She said, one of the
men you're sleeping with,
the one you
met at the bar and watched
him drink half a whiskey
bottle by himself,
is going to die a
very premature death."

"Thank God," he said

at the moment
there were better things to
do than
ask him to clarify

but his words
became clear to her
a few days later when
she drove to
the construction site
he worked at
to pick him up

his coworkers said
that he's no
longer among them

"Poor bastard locked himself in
one of the
finished rooms on the
ground floor," they said. "He often
did that. Locked himself
in the bathroom too, sometimes
for hours. To write poems
of all things. Yeah... He was
about to fly outta here soon
anyway. But this time
he locked himself with the
electric saw.
A dick move. We needed that damn
tool to work an' had to
break the fuckin' door
to get to him.
Yeah, we were ready to give him
a fine beating an' all that,
but apparently we
were too late.
He beat himself. For good.
Sawed off his ears and tongue
and part of the lower jaw
and shoved everything down
his throat
to force choking. Well, it worked.
Now the whole room's a mess."

And another
said, "We've a few days off now
cuz of him.
Police has to inspect the
scene and decipher the
message he wrote on
the wall with his blood.
I say he died
like Jesus, goddammit. To give
us freedom. I mean, God
knows we needed that."

"Yeah," said another worker,
"It was all part of
a grand plan."

He was
right, for later that day it
was him
that the girl who spoke to
'The Holy Mother
Spirit Guardian'
took home to have fun with

and he got
her pregnant
with a child she believed was
the new Messiah 

9 comentarios sobre “all part of a grand plan

  1. This is twisted in so many ways. And the description of that suicide couldn’t have been more gruesome. The worst part is that I have to imagine it perfectly before going to the next line. Yes, that’s twisted too. I wonder if the messiah will do things any differently. 🙂

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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