Roller Coaster Susan

By Terveen Gill

There she comes!

Get out of her way!

Look at those shoes and that floral jumpsuit.

They say she’s never ridden a roller coaster without it.

She approaches the line twirling her hair, people part like the sea that obeyed Moses.

Her name’s Susan and she knows where she’s going.

Right to the front, no fuss, no complaints. No one objects when Susan sits at the front. The queen of thrill always rides alone.

The ones behind her get a whiff of her perfume. It’s strong and overpowering but a little less demanding.

She snaps her fingers, her pink nails glisten, the handrails click into place, the wheels start moving.

When Susan says go, there’s no space for delay. It’s not her first ride of the day. She’s got places to go and death-defying shocks to endure.

Her bottom must grace so many more roller coasters.

Up the track slinks the cart, the drop ahead is the second best in the country. Susan releases her body and switches off her brain. It’s her soul that connects with the iron and steel around her.

She’s been here before, in some other lifetime, the connection buzzes with life and the spiritual doors open.

But instead of God there’s a superfast roller coaster. It roars down the tracks without mercy or compassion.

The wind tears through her hair, pressing against her face, giving her a temporary facelift without pain or disgrace.

She raises her arms and dares to scream louder. The others mimic her and shriek, their eyes peeled wide open. When the queen leads, the peasants must follow.

The loops and twists give Susan an adrenaline rush. She shakes her shoulders and sings at the top of her voice. What people hear is –

‘Set me free! Set me free! I want to fly for eternity!’

But the thunderous pounding of the wheels drowns out her voice. And when the cart finally stops, dear Susan is dead.

Apparently, her heart couldn’t take any more stress.

She now lies in her grave and her tombstone proclaims –

Roller Coaster Susan – Ride on in Heaven!

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22 comentarios sobre “Roller Coaster Susan

  1. You certainly captured the manic thrill of a rollercoaster, Terveen! My first time was at age 18 on my high school senior trip. Fast and furious. The last time I rode one was in 2003. It was an old, all-wooden rollercoaster, rickety and wobbly and wild. Haven’t had the opportunity since then, but I wonder if I’d have the guts to do it again? RIP Susan! 🙂

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    1. Haha! Thanks so much, Mike. I have loved riding roller coasters ever since I was a kid. And believe it or not, I just rode one yesterday. And it was scaahhh – reeeee! It was the first time after many, many years. I think you could do it again. It’s like riding a bicycle. You may be a bit shaky but you never forget. I hope you can some day. And God bless Susan. She was indeed brave. 🙂

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  2. This is a great story. I have always been afraid of roller coasters. She was a thrill seeker for sure. I saw a magazine once with an article on these mammoth creatures, and a boy not even in his teens had died on a roller coaster. Very unusual but his heart gave out. That woman will have fun with roller coasters in heaven, I love this image. Great story, hope you have an amazing weekend Terveen, big hugs, Joni

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    1. Thrills can kill. I know a lot of freak accidents and mishaps have taken place in amusement and water parks. It’s just about that chance of something going wrong. Let’s hope Susan continues to ride free and happy wherever she is. Thanks so much, Joni! Means a lot always. 🙂

      Me gusta

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