#Story: Glimpses Of The Afterlife

By Jane Aguiar

A middle-aged builder was living with his wife and children. One morning, he had a strange dream. In that dream God had come to take him away.

He was not ready to go with God, so he pleaded to God, «Oh God, my wife and children will starve to death behind me. They totally depend on me, so first I will make them independent.

God asked the builder, «is one year enough for you?» The builder agreed and God promised to meet him on the same date next year and he disappeared.

Throughout the year, he provided his wife and children with a means of subsistence, and he was persuading his mind that God, like humans, must have forgotten everything but

revealed as God foretold.

He wanted to live a little longer, so he said to God, «God, I would have come with you, but I want to earn some good points in my life.» Again God promised to meet him on the same date next year and disappeared.

The builder built a large bungalow in another city, made a lot of money, and donated a little money to the poor.Now he thought, God would not find the new address of the bungalow, but again on the same date God came to take him and now he could not give any excuse so he quietly followed God.

While walking on the path to heaven with God, he was very happy to see huge buildings and bungalows. He was closely monitoring their skills. He asked God, «will I have to stay here forever.

God said, «Be patient, your destination has not come yet.» The builder became silent and started following God again. He was happy to see small houses and he immediately said to God, «These houses are beautiful even though they are small. I like the small garden in front of the house, so I’m ready to live here».God asked,» When did I tell you to live here? » how did you humans assume everything without uttering a word? Then the builder felt ashamed.

After much walking, they finally reached a small, dilapidated slum. Seeing the slums, God turned his back on him and said,»the more good points you earn on earth, the more you will gain here. Neither less nor more.»

The builder’s heart skipped a beat. He thought,» I build so many good bungalows on earth, then why is my destiny in this slum?»

and as he turned to flee, he fell out of bed.

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Pic Credit: Daily Mail

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