#poetry: A Downpour Of Rain by Jane Aguiar

Grey black rain clouds 
become heavier, 
if they are lighter
travel long distances 
with the wind.

The thunder of the clouds
and lightning strikes.
A downpour of rain
and the umbrellas run.

Due to monsoon winds,
rustling of leaves.
The rain filled the fairof rhythm and melody
and noisy flowing springs.

The air cools 
and the aroma of wet soil wafts.
Soil particles flow,
looking for innovation.

River water exceeds 
the danger level 
because silt is carried in it, 
so the water changes colour 
and it overflows quickly.

The peacock dances to the beat
Somewhere far away 
in the mountains.
The frogs make a croaking noise 
near the fresh water.

Reflection of the sun,
is hidden somewhere.
The moon comes with stars,
and brings happiness.

Pic Credit: Symbolism 


Site https://meandmyliterature.wordpress.com/

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13 comentarios sobre “#poetry: A Downpour Of Rain by Jane Aguiar

    1. Thank you, dear Pragalbha! This year the rains arrived ten days earlier. I was anxiously waiting for the rain and the smell of the ground. For the first time in my life, I saw a peacock dancing in my garden and I brought a mobile to capture the picture in the camera but the peacock flew away on the mango tree.❤️

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