#Poetry: No Regrets… By Jane Aguiar

You hurt my heart, 
and denied my love.
we were together for three years, 
yet the relationship broke down 
in an instant.

You were bored 
as I was not texting 
and never showed interest 
in chatting. 
Now I have learned to send text 
and give time to you, 
but still my messages 
remain unseen.

With my friends, 
you smile nicely 
and don't even bother 
to look at me 
and I am out of your sight.

You are doing thrills 
with a new motorbike. 
Now you wear goggles 
so that our eyes do not meet.

You rejected me 
as if I was an object 
and I had no feelings. 
You played with my emotions 
just like you played with a doll.

You cut off my wings 
but I will fly again. 
This power is not perishable, 
so I have no regrets and pain.

Pic Credit: shutter stock

Site: https://meandmyliterature.wordpress.com/

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