If I touch her

by Rana

I had not contrived to perceive the hypnosis of her eyes, though
And her sumptuous voice sailed straight to the bottom of my heart

Suddenly I am dropped in her enchantment of blossom all at once
A billion notions to paraphrase her sublime beauty but where to start

Her tantalizing mesmerism inspires my heart to a passionate glory
The sensational outline of her tempting physic, credibly a fine work of art

Her sensuous voice has aroused me to drop in desire most definitely
I fear if emotions draw me to love her, it sure is improbable to be apart

It is surprising whereby an ideal fantasy transforms into harmony quickly
If I touch her I die of delight, into this yearning soul holds every part

© Rana M 20 June 2021 All rights reserved
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 


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