The Storm

by Riya Yadav

I see you walk into my life
A storm of love hit me hard
Flashes of light were glowing
Glory to my love who is apart
Never feared his terrible anger and fury
Never promised submission of loyalty
Like water from a broken dam
Rushing and replacing tormented hearts
Purified by your fire, sacrificed by your salt
Thinking of you every new moon nights
You shone like polished gold
Darted in the field of bronze girl
A fresh wineskin who couldn’t be poured
Falling for temptation is never enough
How happy are those who aren’t me
But at least I wasn’t scattered by dust
Summer rain won’t fill the pools
Touched the tips and blazed it cool
I see you walk outta my life
A storm of hurt hit me hard
Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

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