It is out of control now….#Poetry

By Jane Aguiar

This first winter 
makes me aware 
of the distance 
between you and me. 
I do not love life
without you
but the thirst of the soul 
is like a fish longing for water….

I did make up for you 
and danced with you. 
Some dreams came true 
and some were shattered 
in the course of time.
Like a castle built on a beach,
a big wave came 
and destroyed it.
I just kept watching….

You didn't let me know, 
when you made 
your own world, different. 
Where did you get,
all this strength and courage? 
I never understood this 
and still do not understand….

Trying hard 
to be happy, 
but my fragile mind
gets restless 
and seeing other couples 
makes my eyes water….

Trying hard 
to laugh 
with the world, 
acting well 
in front of the family 
but still remembering you, 
in solitude 
makes my heart break….

The tears that flowed 
now stopped 
but the tears of memories 
do not endure.
Emotions run high 
and tears flow. 
It is out of control now….

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