Her Life is Her Crown By Terveen Gill

She is old and she isn’t. It’s hard to explain the state of her mind and body.

Seventy-four may be too many years for some, but she is adjusted to her routine and her habits.

You could call her a walker and a talker. Both are her passions. She can walk like a youngster, high on energy, carefree, her legs are her pillars, sturdy and strong, keeping her on the ground but lifting her spirit high.

Her words are her lovers. They hide beneath her tongue, naked and flirtatious, wanting to spill from her lips, caressing the softness of moisturized skin.

Her hair, once lush and black, now gray and thread-like, braided and wound into a bun, dainty and centered, adding to her elegance.

The aches and pains come and go, at times, making her irritable, her face a sad picture. The painkillers give her some comfort, more than the people around her. Age can make a person lonely, or it could be the desertion of goals and duties that leave one empty and forlorn.

She eats like a mouse, nibbling on her food like it might explode if she bites or chews too hard. Her body agrees and disagrees with her, some days a compromise is out of the question.

Her memories are the kindest, giving her solace, reassuring her that she hasn’t lost her sense of direction. Where she once was, where she now resides, her blanket of thoughts is intact and that is the safety net that will catch her.

Fine clothes and expensive jewelry, she has had her pick and it’s been plenty, though the attainment of wants was a winding and arduous journey.

Is that why she can’t catch her breath sometimes?

She’s a queen with no designated kingdom. Her life is her crown, and she has worn it well. So what if it’s lost a bit of its luster?

26 comentarios sobre “Her Life is Her Crown By Terveen Gill

  1. I love this story. I think we should all be so lucky when we get old. She has made her own life and finds pleasure where she can. Her mind is still sharp and conversation is a glorious gift. She enjoys what she has obtained throughout her life and fixes herself up and moves strongly through life. We should all be so fortunate. Lovely story Terveen. Blessings and big hugs, Joni

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  2. I saw some of my late mom in this. she was 75 when she died, but she was lucid and always smiling even through her immense physical pain. I don’t know if I could be as strong as she was at that age. This is beautifully written and shows a lot of care and respect for our seniors. Well done, Terveen! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Mike. Your words made me smile and also a little sad. Old age can be very difficult and hardly anyone understands the limitations it brings with it. I hope your mom didn’t suffer too much. I see my mother in this too. It probably was inspired by her. If only we all realized that we’ll get there too if we’re lucky enough to stick around. Haha. 🙂

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  3. I really like how you show your older characters with such grace. It’s a welcome relief from the usual stereotypes of the elderly. Maybe that’s just a thing here in the west where aging and dying are frowned upon. It’s definitely a culture of youth out here and the older folks are shoved away in a home so they don’t remind everyone else about their own mortality. But I always liked Ram Dass’ quote: «Death is not an error; it is not a failure.» Great story, Terveen!

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    1. «It’s definitely a culture of youth out here and the older folks are shoved away in a home so they don’t remind everyone else about their own mortality.»
      No one could have spoken the harsh truth better, Tony. Thanks for being so honest.
      Death is not an error; it is not a failure – A very dignified statement.
      Thank you so much for your snippets of wisdom. They make me smile. 🙂

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