Fake Identities

by Daniela Topîrcean

"You who have chosen to play."
with people's destinies
just for power
to control lives
and achieve your goal.

"You who play."
with life and death,
assuming fake identities
under the guise of love,
and honorability
which you display

You who daily count the dead, the wounded
and the frightened 
of the tactics inscribed in your treacherous game
that it all happens
according to your plan.

- This is for you,
you who believe yourselves
leaders of the destinies of humanity:
- the evil plan you are plotting
will be SPREAD!

Things will be different
then you want.
Your actions
are an injustice
brought to the Sacredness of Life!

You will be soon called
before Justice
to give an answer
for lost lives
and the chaos created
because of your thirst
of domination and power,
Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 
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