A cap seller and Fr. Custodio.…#flash fiction By Jane Aguiar

There was a cap seller who stitched caps of every size and colour. He would tuck them in a bag and go from village to village, to sell them. At noon to have lunch he would sit  under the shade of a tree. One day after having a meal he felt like taking a nap. So he  kept his bag of caps aside and rested for a while.

The cap seller was so tired that he fell asleep.There were a lot of monkeys on the tree under which he was sleeping.

A clever monkey knew that the cap seller was wearing a cap. So he came down to see the bag.

This clever monkey put a cap on his head. Other monkeys were also attracted to this monkey’s colourful cap and they all wore a  cap on their head and went and sat on the tree.

The cap seller woke up to the sound of monkeys and he saw that the bag was empty.

Terrified, he sat and looked  up on the tree and saw all the monkeys wearing his caps. Now this poor man did not know how to get his caps back.

He threw stones on them in order to get his caps back.The monkeys were smart. They grabbed the same stone and threw it at him again. Seeing that they were imitating him, he took off his cap and threw it on the ground. The monkeys started showing their teeth and laughing.

A monkey scoundrel said to the cap seller, «That’s what our grandfather told us. Now try something new, or leave your caps to us. » Another monkey said, «We are advanced monkeys. We understand … hehehe! » All the monkeys gritted their teeth and laughed.

The cap seller was poor. He wanted to sell those caps to feed his children, so he prayed to God for help.

Just then he saw Fr. Custodio returning home from another village. When Fr. Custodio approached, the cap seller asked him for help and  explained everything to Fr. Custodio.

 Fr. Custodio  sprinkled holy water on a tree trunk and began to pray for the cap seller.

 Fr. Custodio said prayer ( in action) «In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen.» While saying this, he looked up at the monkeys.

Immediately, the monkeys threw the caps on the empty bag, because the monkeys thought,Fr. Custodio said, «If you don’t come down, I will cut your neck».

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21 comentarios sobre “A cap seller and Fr. Custodio.…#flash fiction By Jane Aguiar

  1. Wow, this is really gripping and delectable. It tosses the reader from their expectations to another outcome, till the relief comes. At first, I thought the monkeys would throw down their caps just when the seller threw his, but they intrigued me when they humorously said, «That’s what our grandfather told us. Now try something new, or leave your caps to us.» 🤣🤣 These monkeys… so clever! I wondered how now they’d be confused into submitting. Thank God Fr. Custodio finally came to the seller’s rescue. Great relief. Enjoyable I must say! 🌟💕🌟✅❤

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