Paw Prints  #Flash fiction by Jane Aguiar

One morning our school manager Fr. Custodio Almeida came and gave us the shocking news. He  showed us some photos. Those photos were of a wild animal’s paw prints.

He said,» people close to him showed a tiger’s paw prints near  the parking lot area and so out of fear  the local dogs and cattle have stopped sitting in the open space of the church and the school».

We looked around to see if we could see any paw prints in the parking lot. We saw two big paw prints which looked like tiger’s footprints.

Still, we did not agree, because we were thinking that such rumours were deliberately spread in support of something bad, so we made a decision without informing Fr. Custodio, and we moved our front CCTV camera to the compound and parking lot  area.

Next morning  after the assembly the headmistress, Sr. Amber  Fernandes said, «Let’s go to the audio visual room and see what is recorded». She called Fr. Custódio Almeida as Well.

We thought we would see Tiger now.

But after half an hour of recording, a medium -sized person wearing a hoodie came into the school compound and met a tall man and one dog walking around in the parking lot.

A closer look revealed that the person wearing the hoodie is a girl.

She was  Fr. Custodio’s  neighbour, and the tall man was Fr. Custodio’s new cook, and the wild animal’s paw prints that were found in the parking lot belonged to the girl’s Labrador dog.

We were all amazed to see this.Fr.Custodio was stunned not a single word came out of his mouth, only jumped on his chair.

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