A Naive Young Man  #Rhyme by Jane Aguiar


Company owner was liable,
so he expected someone credible.
All selected youth were eligible
and everyone was desirable!!

Chosen candidates were sensible
and some kind of responsible,
which make the company profitable
and helps to remain marketable!!

Interview day owner was disable,
to reach on time he  was unable,
to repair the car he was incapable.
He wanted someone urgently available!!

A naive young man became available
but he was very helpable,
respectable, permeable
and also capable !!

The young man was repayable,
but asked for blessings that are survivable.
The owner saw him with admirable
and it became noticeable!!

Interview with the stains visible.
He himself was shamable,
but then found comparable
As he entered, saw unexpectable!!

Unexpectable was not explainable.
The interviewer was surprisable.
The young man was startledable.
Everything happened to him favourable!!

Pic. Credit: Pinterest

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