Carcass of Pleasure by Terveen Gill

Biddu knew he was crazy. Every thought that ever occurred to him was outlandish and incomprehensible. He was aware that his ‘out of the box’ thinking was too flamboyant for a box or any other shape that was logically explainable. He had studied philosophy and biology and neither had done him any good. They had only scrambled his brain cells infusing them with strange beliefs and convictions.

Green plants produce oxygen, but they are rooted for eternity.

Millions of cells divide, live, and die, yet who knows what they long for.

Humans and animals are interdependent, love thrives without judgment and boundaries.

The more Biddu thought, the more chaotic were his conclusions, and he punished many with his nonsensical jabbering. If only he could find an ear that would listen, a pair of kind eyes that would see through his confusion, he would try to be less idiotic and more systematic.

But humans had low tolerance and short attention spans.

Flipping through the newspaper one day, the man came across a face like no other. It was white, expressive, and the green eyes held him in place. Minutes passed before the hypnotic gaze was broken, and like a madman Biddu bounded out the door. In the passionate heat of the moment, he forgot his winter jacket and his woolen muffler.

If life is a journey, then my beating heart needs a companion.

His words would make sense to her, they would find a home and a sympathizer.

There she stood in the fading daylight. The rays bounced off her shiny white coat, her ears listened carefully for the slightest sound and vibration. It was her and only her that he wanted. Biddu climbed up the metal fence and lunged face forward into the deep den. His fall was broken by a meaty thigh and a stack of dry straw. When he tried to stand, the pain confirmed that his knee had shifted.

She noticed him immediately and stood motionless. People were shouting from above, yelling like ill-mannered hooligans. Biddu raised his hands in objection, pleading for silence and some privacy. He wished to talk to his beloved.

I am herbivore, you are carnivore, our fates will decide the course of the next minute.

A loud roar and five long strides closed the gap between Biddu and the white Bengal tiger. Before she sank her teeth into him, the man’s words and screams resonated.


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34 comentarios sobre “Carcass of Pleasure by Terveen Gill

  1. You always take me back with your stories. Maybe I am a little slow but I didn’t know something was up until you wrote pen. Your poetic lines certainly made one think considerably about many ideas man has. What a wild ending. I guess he had a love he was willing to die for and that is something. Great story Terveen. Hugs, Joni

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I’m glad that the ending was not something you could anticipate. That’s what I try to aim for when I write twist endings. Thanks so much, Joni, for your always thoughtful and wonderful comments. We all have many thoughts that we often keep to ourselves. Take care and have a great weekend ahead. 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Wow this was so steamy! Lol. «Humans and animals are interdependent.» You can say that again. At first I was like, I can totally relate to this guy. And then he left the house. But until he left the house I could totally relate to him. Wouldn’t it be funny if it was the other way around? Imagine if I was like, I totally couldn’t relate to him until he left the house and fell in love with a tiger. That would be weird. Great stuff, Terveen! I wasn’t expecting to read about a carcass of pleasure during lunch, but here we are.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. I hope I didn’t spoil your lunch, Tony. But I thought you would be more of a tiger person. Lol. Yeah, the intrusive thoughts and the ones that don’t make much sense but keep coming anyways. If I could count how many thoughts I get in a day, I’d be counting and doing nothing else. But then, the stories have to come from somewhere. Thanks a lot and keep that mind bubbling. 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

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