Are the authors doing us a favour?

Letter from Director of Masticadores

Juan re Crivello

I will touch on a controversial topic. Sometimes in the daily management of Masticadores writers appear and address us as they are doing us a favour. Or, they write from the height of the ego that sometimes prevents us all from seeing who we are dealing with. It, although it seems disparate, repeats the Djokovic myth and the dream of thinking as Tsitsipas says: «thinking that the rest of us are fools»

And maybe that’s the question: Who are we dealing with?

The editors of Masticadores (and I include myself among them) are looking for good authors, and we treat them with the wisdom that the experience of these years gives us. We listen to them, we schedule their work in our agenda, we present them, we look for an image to accompany them and sometimes we re-publish their work in other Masticadores so that their voice is heard better. And I will add although it does not seem correct to me, some editors correct the style or errors which may exist.

The task of reaching the public, the reader, is difficult, and passion hides behind, the days when a dream becomes a character, or if it is an essay (something that I practice in my case), dealing with a controversial topic and assume that making it public can bring us positive or negative comments on the sites.

Every day I receive many messages on my email. Every day the process is the same, thank you for your support and look for space in the diary. And it’s always the same, my diary starts with a planned week and ends it altered, but with the passion of publishing good texts. And it’s the same for the other 15 sites.

And why do some writers think they’re doing us a favour?

Perhaps they should think to work as a team with their editors and at the same time, they will reach the reader. The editors present you, accommodate you and the reader will generate complicity, the space where the intense task of communication takes place.

Juan’s diary

And this happens because, as I always say, we are digital: on a train that runs at 250 km/hour, or on a subway, a bus, or a commuter train. As I always say, 250 million passengers move in the suburbs of Barcelona and its 32 municipalities. What about Caracas? Madrid? Seville? And in Mexico? And in Buenos Aires? In the different cities that our screen opens on a mobile. That is why we take care of the way of appearing on the Tablet or the mobile. We take care of our templates, titles or images because we know we will appear on that little screen. We will accompany you to work, or the visit to the cemetery, or the afternoon where you seek to meet somebody else or the sadistic visit to the dentist. And we would continue like this in the five languages and ten countries where we publish.

Dear author, if you come to us we will take you very far, be sure. But we will demand quality, commitment, regularity, and talent.

Can someone do us a favour? I do not think so. We are digital militants of communication, and we carry dreams, resistance, freedom with it. And as a well-known Masticadores writer, Jaime Nubiola, who appears every 15 days for two years in MasticadoresFocus, says in a text that we will publish this Tuesday:

“I always like to start a new semester». The Nobel Prize for Literature Hermann Hesse has made one of his protagonists in the magnificent novel “The Glass Bead Game” (1943) say something that sheds a lot of light on this:

«A charm that protects and helps us live is inherent in every beginning.» It is like this: beginning always has a particular attraction that drives us to carry out the task we have”.

Juan re Crivello

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Translated by Manuela

Photo by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

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