Her Cottage by the Sea (continued) by Michele Lee

Slowly, she traced the smooth edge
of the top curve of her steamy cup. Smooth, it was,
under a fingertip that had felt his lips, soft to her touch.
Knees tucked under her chin, wrapped in a soft blanket
with hanging fringes swaying in the gentle wind.
Her body warmed by thoughts of him.
A smile birthed in her center, then flutter it did,
away from her edges, toward him –
the one tossing driftwood toward a stray
that had found the two of them.

A finger tracing, a mind remembering
their night before, that held radiant stars,
both near and far. Internal beats
did rise and blend with the changing hues
that began fireside then singed the crisp page
of a golden day. A passion that did pulse and vibrate
beyond their bare and salty skin – reaching other worlds,
it did extend.

Her tracing meditation paused when she felt his stare.
On her love, with chest bare, her eyes did gaze,
and on him her eyes remained. The solo butterfly
that fluttered from her core, now thousands
fluttering around him and the rolling shore,
where he stood tall, like Khrysos,
bathing in golden splendor,
flooding her in rapture.

I caught up on some reading this week, finishing a book I bought in Oregon several months ago, titled, My Lost Poets – A Life in Poetry, by Philip Levine. Levine was an American Poet, Pulitzer Prize winner, university professor, and Poet Laureate for the U.S. (2011-2012). He was best known for his poems about working class Detroit. He wrote “for and about the common man” (poetryfoundation.org). Levine’s book is packed with entertaining stories, his poems, and engaging commentary on other poems.

While I am talking books… I would like to recommend two poetry books written by talented poets and fellow bloggers. The first is, has had paradise, by blogger, theusedlife. The creator of this engaging chapbook also creates captivating collages. Her book and art can be purchased through her etsy page; the link can also be found on her site. The other book is, Memoirs of a Star – Poetry for the Soul, written by Diana Menezes, found at theglittersoul.com. You can find Diana’s book, along with my review (and others) on Amazon. If you are not yet familiar with these artists, I highly recommend you give them a visit and a follow.

Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. Michele

My seaside love poems begin here: “Her Cottage by the Sea” (1); “Her Cottage by the Sea (continued) (2)”; and the inspiration for the series: “A Writer’s Dream

Photos: my images, South Carolina, Atlantic Ocean

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton

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