Funeral Gathering by Terveen Gil

Rasiya was a short man with tall ambitions. Many would suppose that his life plans were his first and foremost concern. But that wasn’t the case. He was most concerned for the after.

The after? Now what could that be?

It was his death and the subsequent funeral. The man was obsessed with how many would come to pay their last respects. And it was from the age of forty that Rasiya began preparing for his funeral gathering.

And the best way, he determined, was to show up at each and every funeral. He would arrive whether invited or not and splurge sympathy like a burst pipe. He would hold hands and dry tears, even whisper false promises that he was sure no one would remember.

And before leaving, he would distribute printed cards bearing his name, address, and number. The title was rather catchy – Visit Me When I’m Dead.

People would react in different ways. Some would laugh, some thought the man was crazy, but many kept the cards in their pockets, a juicy story to share with others when there was time to spare.

Years passed and Rasiya continued with his ridiculous antics. He even began spreading the word to nearby towns and villages. And each funeral he attended gave him hope of a grand celebration that would bid him farewell, a transition from this world to the next.

Rasiya became the talk of many towns, and some came to see the man who was marketing his own death. They shook hands with him and promised their attendance. Rasiya beamed with pride, his excitement gleaming through his brown eyes.

Maintaining a yearly tradition, the man left for his annual pilgrimage in September. It was a solo affair that brought him joy, peace, and contentment. He prayed for himself and a large gathering at his death. While riding down the mountain on a donkey’s back, a large boulder rolled out of nowhere. Down went the donkey and Rasiya together. It was impossible to find them.

The funeral was grand and expensive. People from near and far attended. Rasiya was the only one missing.

24 comentarios sobre “Funeral Gathering by Terveen Gil

  1. Such a great story. Maybe that’s why so many people want to be famous, because they’re afraid of being forgotten when they die. Guess it makes sense that one of man’s biggest desires is in direction opposition of own of his greatest fears. Anyway, awesome story about a unique immortality project!

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  2. Haha, that’s an unexpected ending. It used to be that the final resting place is the most important event of a living person’s life. This is probably an infectious mental mishap coming from ancient Egyptians. I know some old stories, in which the living people would starve themselves to pay for the funeral cost of the dead because it is the public face of a family.

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    1. Wow, that’s unbelievable, Haoyan. Imagine living in suffering just to have a great funeral and save face in the community. That’s crazy. I suppose live the best way you know how to and leave death to the day it comes. Sorry that I missed your comment. Thank you so much! 🙂

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