Masticadores/NANOWRIMO By Sara Reichert

Starting the 28th of this month I will be collaborating with Masticadores on a four-week series of blogs to help you navigate the main moods of National Novel Writing Month.

If it’s one thing trying to write a novel in one month will do to you, it’s question everything you knew about writing and the kind of writer you can be.

The blogs will post on Saturday and help bring you inspiration as you buckle down to the challenge of writing a novel in a month. If you haven’t registered to participate in the challenge then get on it! The website is and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE. You can sign up for a variety of options and can get help and support along your way. Tune in to the Masticadores blog every Saturday, starting on the 28th for inspiration from me to keep you going towards your goal. And don’t worry—since time will be a precious commodity during your challenge, the blogs are short and easy to read.

I can’t wait to share the joy and challenge with you. Feel free to contact me (The Beautiful Stuff) with any questions, inspiring stories, vents and frustrations, or anything you want to share as we take the month of November to finally finish that book. Happy Writing!

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