Flooded by Quinny Martinez

And you ask me why?

I wish you were under my skin,

At times I wish you could eat with the taste of my tongue

I’m wrapped in the savor of your wine.

So many desires,

in love with how much your presence can turn me on,

you can’t imagine the speed of my libido,

you can’t imagine the condensation and the constant knocking of my hunch.

I love you at every moment,

I love you by owning us.

I miss you when the source of your caresses starts to run out,

my need is not allowed to be blackmailed with my budding hands,

I no longer supply when I masturbate, my desire has an owner and his excitement is selfish.

You can’t imagine how many ghosts you have freed in me, or how many living ones you have frightened.

What a sweetness of mouth you have,

that delicious thing that you bring in to my rose,

delights, excitement, sensations and the clamor of your hips to the sound of my groan.

You don’t know, right?

I can tell you!

The complaints of my vagina begin to be intolerable,

You can’t imagine.

I am flooded…

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