lab rat by Bodgan Dragos

so, you're writing poetry
or, well, at least you pretend to
and you pretend you're good at
it and the people want more from you


but how come none of
what you write is uplifting stuff?

if anything, you've got more
depressing shit than uplifting
and you expect to get popular
with that?

get real!

you've got to inspire people
you've got to write
motivational stuff, uplifting, hope giving
stuff, upbeat verses brimming with
intelligence and radiating brilliance

your words are like confetti on a page
why are they
so scattered?

what poem is this?

why does it start with a lowercase letter?
are you dumb? Don't you know
how to write?

you're unbelievable, man, unbelievable
and don't even mention the
nonexistence of rhymes, pfff, lame...

this is not a goddamn poem, fool
it's child's mockery
and you should grow up and stop
pretending you're doing this for a living

you can't write poetry to save your life!
Christ, just look at the anatomy of this... thing

to behold your poem before one's eyes
feels like watching an escaped lab rat
dragging its entrails on the ground

the poor bastard is blind, toeless,
toothless, there's a syringe needle stuck
up its ass and its stomach is cut open
and the guts are pinkish yellow worms
that coil around its mangled hind legs

that's what a poem of yours looks
like on the page, to the viewer's eyes

I'd seriously stop this shit if I were you
Grow the hell up, get yourself a wife
start a family and focus on
your career instead
of writing for
You get it?

“Um, yeah. Sure,” I say

“Are you sure?” he asks

“I am.”

“You're not gonna write about this
after I'm gone?”

“Nah, boss, I'm not gonna write about this
conversation after you're gone
and I won't pretend I'm showing
it to the world and
they're enjoying it
and the critics praise me
and all that.
I'm done.”

“That's good to hear.
Take care, man. And remember, less
daydreaming and more attention to
the screens, okay? You're paid to do a
job here. To supervise casinos, the
people who work there and what
they do, okay?”


“Good. I'm glad we could get
on the same page here.
Good day now.”

“Good day.” 
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