Marga Clark presents her new book Atisbos in Madrid

Marga Clark’s tenth collection of poems, Atisbos, in manner of a dialogue with the unsayable, revisits her themes of the brevity of time, disintegration and oblivion. The poems ignite our own darknesses, weave uncertain destinies, transform the imaginary into real, always leaning into the invisible. One of her poems whispers: I bleed to ashes. In another, she exhorts: The place doesn’t matter anymore / it’s the time that claims me. Faithfully translated by poet and filmmaker Steve Clark, Atisbos offers us a rigorous version in English. Marga Clark collaborates in Masticadores


The poem manifests inside me

strips down

shameless gesture

her candor

thirsting for words

surges at night

breaks the mirrors

frees the spirit

ignites my dusk


In love

death chases me

I continue

still hungry for my dreams

At night, life weaves

my uncertain fate

with the thread of silence


A poem written

at night

dies at dawn

Aurora pierces

the words with her light

like a sharp sword

to the throat

Some survive


Wrapped in the quiet

of morning

the scream of the poem

wakes me

Some crazed verses

have dreamt me

Atisbos – 2021 Translated by Steve Clark


MARGA CLARK is a Spanish poet, artist photographer living in Madrid. She studied theater, film and photography in New York and received the photography scholarship from the Spanish Academy in Rome in 1993-94. Her previous poetry books include: Del sentir invisible (1999), Auras (2001), Pálpitos (2002), El olor de tu nombre (which won the Villa de Madrid Prize, 2008), Amnios (2009), Campo de batalla (2010), Luzernario (2012), Olvidada de mí (2014), Poemas de sangre (2018), Atisbos (2021).

Among her other works:

Bibliophile: De Profundis (1989), Chiaroscuro(1993), Flor de fuego(1996).

Photography: Static Movement (1985), Agua (1991).

Essay: Photographic Impressions (1991).

Novel: Amarga luz (2002 Circe – 2011 Funambulista).

Some of her works have been translated into English and Italian. She has participated in various anthologies and in numerous national and international poetry festivals.

 STEVE CLARK is a poet and filmmaker living in New York City. He attended Trinity College where he won the John Curtis Underwood Prize for Poetry and began painting. A Senior Editor for George Plimpton’s The Paris Review (1995 to 2002), Clark published fiction in The Paris Review, poems in various magazines and translated several books from the Spanish and Catalan. From the Ashes (Desde las cenizas), his first bilingual book of poems, along with a series of his «Black Note» paintings, was published to critical acclaim by Huerga y Fierro in Spain, March 2010. Clark has also written, directed and produced three feature films, The Last International Playboy, Night has Settled and An Actor Prepares.

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  1. Terveen Gill dice:

    «Wrapped in the quiet
    of morning

    the scream of the poem
    wakes me
    Some crazed verses
    have dreamt me»

    Beautiful lines. Congratulations! 🙂

    Me gusta

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