Lê Vĩnh Tài | TIBET (6/10)

Tibetan Girl and Mastiff by Ai Xuan
By Lê Vĩnh Tài, translation by  Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm  



you’re firm in the saddle

your happiness

ached missing even joy

you shan’t simply fulfil

the long chain of absent




not exactly gone

the storm

a past life


you shall be

more than mystical

more than the cypress

you shan’t possibly be

asleep forever; never to wake up?


you shall

once more be the cypress of the Northern highlands

the prayer the parable

you’re illuminated by the five mystical hues of light

better to die inside the walls of the monastery

staring at the strangers on patches of grass

under the oil lamps

the blinding smoke

listening to the voices of deceit

as you self-immolate



once again

shan’t wait for reincarnation

the living Buddhas

How much of your past life?

how much wind

inside a heart were already dead


you’re the coveted diamonds

the sparkle in the smiles and the tears

the freshness in flowers after it has withered

you’re separated after marriage

after consummation you’ve ached

joy have caused you to

break out in tears?


through in this dreadful life

the despicable

the deceitful greedy poets

the glutton lustful strangers

the arrogant filthy stubbles drooling shrimp sauce and dog meat 

attached themselves to the rich dreamed of becoming human

a kick or a blow

to the sternum

only make you laugh

gives you slight



you move on in the end 

composed poetry, recall the folklore

captured photographs with old cameras

sang with strung tunes

drawn in watercolours




you’ve returned

on horseback arrows flying

in meditation


you’ve returned

painting and praying at every set back on the road

not long ago

university students like you

ran, the tanks and the mechanical people

How could you possibly escape into the clouds in time?


pass the storm

together with many

searched for your lover your friends

your mastiff no longer afraid

you’re on a flight

at night, in the clouds

you’re drifting amongst the stars

until when, Tibet?


your fingers

have flipped over endless pages of prayers

forgetting the thousands of miles in flight

your sleeves are the clouds

in the sky

black shall turn into sound blues

as all shall lay with you


inhaling more oxygen

your cheeks shall be rosy with tiny broken capillaries…


you believed, the children of your flesh and blood

shall grow up, make love, get married

shall close up the missing gap of the past

the future of history

like the sound of temple bells

farewells, at dusk

the marking of a diminished day

the moment you escaped death

in a battle with the King of Demons



never knowing fear

you’ve proclaimed: – everyone

must love each other

must make love 


embrace the pain…

Lê Vĩnh Tài is a Vietnamese poet, a resident of the West Highlands. A retired medical doctor, currently an acclaimed businessman in Buon Ma Thuot.

The original epic poem was published in 2015, and I had began the translation of Tibet by Lê Vĩnh Tài​ mid July 2019, it took me more than a year to fully finalised and published the translation on #songngutaitram .


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