LETTER FROM RÍO BRAVO by Mercedes Freedman

Gobblers has a new collaborator, Mercedes Freedman, who writes in Spanish and English. Welcome Mercdes! —J Re editor

A letter from Río Bravo to you, if you are willing to read it.

You may ask, whoever you are, holding the words in this letter, which path we follow to escape our country in search of a new life. We follow the crossing of the Río Bravo. But a new life? Or might you mean a different one? If so, how are we to commence a new story? What is to be done with the one left behind? Do we abandon it with the scraps left by the thousands striving to cross this water in pursuit of an existence, either novel or renewed, on the other side of the river? Or are we to haul it with our feet through these waters hoping it is of use upon arriving there?

You may tell me that the other side of the river is the one to give us freedom. How is one to feel this when the ghosts of our ancestors travel with us under our skin? Look again and you will see that we are trees pulled out of the hot soil of the south to be replanted in the cold lands of the north. 

You could say that we are as so many others travelling across rivers, oceans, deserts, forests.  We each long to touch the earth of the land we hope to reach, fill our hands with it, let it run through our fingers. Ah, but the journey, that is  one moment of existence with barely a before, or an after. It is the same for all, no matter whether we travel through water or walk on dry ground.  For those of us here, the crossing of this Río Bravo is the heart of our lives, what gives impetus to our feet, what constantly whispers into our ears: ´Keep moving so that you can live again when you reach the other side.´   

I hear you ask what I do with my luggage. I am it. What I may have owned or may yet to own is useless in this river. One day, if we are to reach the other side, we will have new luggage, albeit we are yet to discover what to keep in it. One thing certain to be placed there is the memories of those who stayed behind: some under the earth, the rest condemned to walk over it because they are unable to escape. They are ones who need as much courage as the ones like us walking to reach the opposite bank of the Rio Bravo.

Now you have finished reading this letter, send it to others and ensure the rest of the world reads it too.

Signed: yet another crossing the Rio Bravo.   

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