when crimson satin meets
medallion augmented uniform
without exchange of hard cash
then you know a war is won
an armistice set in stone
a time for revelry
wanton the survivors
such is the hyper sexuality
of victors coming home
and those who greet
disinterred heroes

another time; another place
before the war perhaps?
crepuscular the cat
the cat that toyed with
the fluttering butterfly
she who stuck around too late
a twilight chilling of her wings
abated her flight
as circumstance left her
upon his domain
she was his for a little while
he, hers

in both instances
determined satyr couples
willing maenad
panmixia their curse and
gratification their
mutual pleasure
always set to end in tears
such is the nature of coition

in latter times
those foggy days
of impermanence
nostalgic deliberation
that the young
one day will come to know
she thumbs through her
decrepit diaries
smirks as the flood gates open
and a tide of memories
are discharged

she mulls over her past
concludes she would not
change a single thing
if she could live it all again

that he had once tried to
clip her wings
tarnished the
dazzling masochism
of his present
wallowing in fresh
solitary sorrow
born of remembrance
he knows it is too late
to grieve what might have been
far too late of course
the passage of time
has seen to that

a little seasoning perhaps
a pinch of devotion permitted
in the recipe for love
maybe things would have turned out
for better or worse
he will never now know

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