Man, am I dreaming?

By Michele Lee

Let me look at you,
before you get undressed.
Less is not always more,
more is sometimes best.
In your tailored attire,
adorned with a Guccie tie,
covering a physique so fine.
Your collar getting tight?
Don’t change a thing,
Dearest Darling.
I could stare all night.

Before you loosen that tie
and pop those buttons,
I have an idea…
I hope you’re willing to try.

Roll up those sleeves
and slip those digits
into the wet sudsy sink
and scrub those pots.
Show them whose boss!
Be gentle with my mugs.
Do handle with care.
From heavenly hands
they are made-
my only pair.
Dishes now glistening
with your special touch.
To that laundry basket,
I’ll watch you strut,
then bend over.
In form fitting slacks
picking up
towels and socks–
a form so fine,
I don’t care how
you fold and tuck.
Do take your time.

I can’t believe
what I am seeing.
Man, I must be dreaming.

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