What would you dare to dream if you knew you were already worthy?

SedenB Watanabe

I believe as we grow older, our trails only grow more arduous and demanding. Being an adult surely comes with a huge baggage but despite the overload, the best part about being a grown-up is developing a sense of autonomy.

As an adult, you have the freedom to walk away from the things that don’t serve you right. You have the freedom to stay where you feel you belong. You get to choose the kind of people you’d like to be surrounded with, how you’d like to be treated and how you’re going to treat other people as well.

By being mindful about the personal space you create for yourself, you are cultivating a sense of unconditional self- worth. It’s almost like feeding your mind and soul with a positive emotional nutrition which is awfully crucial in the kind of era we live in today.

However, the journey to “unconditional self-worth” is not always easy. You will have to jump endless hurdles and you might as well fall, but you gotta pick yourself back up no matter what. You will face multiple setbacks along the way. Well! I certainly have.

It takes immense courage to free yourself from the conditions you’ve placed on your virtue and significance. And the process of forgiveness and acceptance can be pretty frustrating as well as messy. It can be pretty daunting and at times, even scary to accept ourselves as we are.

Being there for ourselves definitely can put us face to face with emotional pain, distress and seeking help or connecting to others can feel absolutely unreasonable.

But believe me or not, In the end, you will definitely find your safe space and once again start loving this beautiful, bizarre yet extraordinary thing called “Life”.

With time, you will find your force, become rooted in your compassion and know that you are worthy of all the things that you truly deserve.

In a world where people depict their lives through unstained and rather frightfully perfect timelines and stories, don’t be trapped by the false showcase of so- called “land of milk and honey”. Be wise and keep doing the things that means to you truly cus “ You have to fit into the crowd” said no one ever!!! Lastly, you will always have critics no matter how good you perform. If you’re doing great now, they will judge you based on your past.
If you’re excelling today, they will make sure to pick on your tomorrow. Therefore, the trick is to accept the fair criticism graciously and keep away from the unfair ones which usually comes from those who barely knows you.

I hope this lengthy read will bring some sense of self assurance and comfort to those who needs it the most. Invest in your inner tranquility, forgive yourself, accept, connect to people who support you and never give up. ♥️

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