Lê Vĩnh Tài | A FIELD OF INHUMANITY – 19/37

By Lê Vĩnh Tài, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


A glimpse of someone naked
Grabbing at their clothes void of any kind of sensuality
Imagine your face
After that

The once convulsive afternoon at the end of a year
The noise in a field of inhumanity
The swaying door
The collapsed home
Six people injured
The ear-shattering sound
The policemen unable to apprehend the culprit
Faced a woman
Back bent low enough to have dodged the bullets
The thrashing

And for your information see
No one here needs your pity

Sister in law, little sister
For your headache gave you sleeping pills
Taught you how to sing
So you know you’re a man



There is a strange and talented Le Vinh Tai! Updated at 14:22, Sunday, October 9, 2011 (GMT+7)

I still thought there would be a big difference between a businessman and a poet, but when I met Le Vinh Tai at his home – a motorbike shop on Le Hong Phong street, TP. In Buon Ma Thuot, the «thought» was different. He is an active, sober businessman, interspersed with bravado and frankness, but hidden inside is an emotional, pulsating heart of a poet’s soul…

After the episodes: Nostalgia in the rainy afternoon, And the nostalgia that started with the wind, Truong Ca broke into warm rain , came to Le Vinh Tai and thought and then Indifferent poetry , his poetry is not confined to flute expressions. but after each sentence, he keeps sucking on something that is hard to describe, then quietly immerses the reader in his own emotions. Therein lies the talent of the poet surnamed Le!

Poet Le Vinh Tai: “I love the basalt red land – thirst for home. My poems are like coffee flowers, which can only live and smell on the wild hillsides…»

Originally a student of the Faculty of Medicine – Central Highlands University, he loved poetry from a young age, but then chose the business path and remained passionately attached to poetry as a «karma»! With Le Vinh Tai, the passionate love of the homeland, the people, the legendary mountain town, the basalt red soil, is always tormenting; It is also a journey of self-discovery and self-discovery. Those are very real emotions in the sadness that is hard to name, the silent nostalgia; is a tossing dream every night «like the wind knocking on the door», about «the days are as far away as a fairy tale» (And nostalgia began with the wind – Ho Chi Minh City Arts and Culture Publishing House). Rich in emotion, easily distracted by the people and landscapes of the poetic mountain town, Le Vinh Tai also has a warm tone and timbre, the breath of life, and the topicality of thoughts and contemplations: For a long time, a long time, a long time / The dollar does not exceed 16 thousand / The country is free for poets / Wild horses / Not long / Not long / The price of petrol is tired 11 thousand because the world price has increased but we have not increased / Same as today We didn’t come together in the past, it’s not that I don’t love you / let me say goodbye to my mother / leave in peace / tears / across the district street with pig oil lamps…(Hopefully love will also increase in price – extract from «Le Vinh Tai and association»). It is a way of borrowing the problem of the present life to talk about a love that is far away, very soberly «igniting» the reader’s heart with many emotions. The poems are natural and simple like sharing, reflecting on life, modern but not too sober, too cold but still retaining the tenderness of emotions, the uniqueness of the words. If to talk about Le Vinh Tai’s poetry, it can be encapsulated in two words: strange and «different»! From the way he looks, asks questions to the use of words in a «no color» and his very own expression, all are simple and rustic but contain a very unique way of thinking about life. As simple as in «It seems like yesterday» to talk about the fleeting flash of time and human life: t monday saturday/ saturday saturday 234567/ sunday I look at my eyes/ one green eyelid/ green and sad leaf veins/ the day is so strange/ like it just passed away yesterday … ”.

Another difference between him and today’s young poets is that Le Vinh Tai often mentions names – not famous ones – very ordinary names that he has come across. stories, or simply sit and drink together with a cup of coffee, a cup of wine, etc., naturally, with a lot of love and affection, such as: Drinking wine with Pham Doanh and Nguyen Phi Trinh; Da Lat, Thuy and Dy, and the wind… Từ cái tài ở cách chuyển tải tứ thơ, cách kéo người đọc “chìm trong cảm xúc” cùng với mình, Lê Vĩnh Tài đưa độc giả đi hết bất ngờ này đến thích thú khác. Thêm một điều thú vị trong sáng tác của anh là có không ít bài thơ cứ chảy theo nguồn cảm hứng của tác giả, câu từ cứ như thế mà “trôi” ra, cuốn người đọc vào dòng suy tưởng cho đến lúc đặt dấu chấm hết, cho thỏa thích mới thôi. Rồi cũng chính những bài thơ ấy được tác giả viết lại bằng lục bát. Việc làm này chẳng phải để “phô” khả năng gieo vần, tuân theo luật lệ nghiêm ngặt vốn có của thể loại, mà là cách để đưa ra hai văn bản khác nhau nhưng cùng một liên tưởng, để người đọc dễ tiếp nhận và phần nào để độc giả đỡ… “mệt” hơn khi cứ mải miết theo trường cảm xúc bất tận, phủ đầy sáng tạo của chàng thi sĩ.

Mesmerized by poetry, deeply conveying the turmoil of real life, emerging current issues… but knowing how to choose a way of expression that many people can accept, not too dry, cold Not following the pattern, collecting emotions… the talent of Le Vinh Tai is there! With an endless love of poetry and a tireless source of creativity, Le Vinh Tai – a poet of the mountain town has more or less created his own mark in the hearts of readers inside and outside the province. He has received many high awards such as: Bach Viet Poetry Prize in 2009, Award of the National Committee of the Union of Literature and Arts Associations of Vietnam- 2006, Prize A in poetry of the “Literary Award- art of Chu Yang Sin” in Dak Lak province for the first time…

By Đỗ Lan

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