The seeds of growth will one day sprout…

by Seden B. Watabe

Some days I feel all peppy & alive, much like a fresh daisy, smiling under the bright spring sunlight.

Other days, I feel a bit heavy and sombre, Almost as if I am a subdued grey cloud,on a cold winter sky.

Yet, despite such fickle moments, there are certain things in life, I believe we must always celebrate.

I’ve lived all my life, with enough fabrication for all the requisite and desires that I very neatly placed inside my big fat sack of “One day” which is filled with endless aspirations and fancies.

However, just to please my inner voice of self condemnation, the easiest remedy to tackle that rue within me was by uttering the phrase “I’ve got no time”. Although deep down, I am very well aware that this is nothing but just a plea.

I honestly feel that our time in this universe is so astonishingly swift, I’m afraid, I’ve got no time to unravel my generous sack of “One day” which is comfortably wrapped in the depths of endless dreams and desires…..let alone fulfilling it!

That is why, I am now allowing myself to pay more attention to all these small yet beautiful things that I aspire to be and I believe, it is already doing it’s magic.

Since the time I set on this voyage,I do feel weary and at times..all in. Cus life is not always about rainbows and butterflies. But I still do believe it is worth a try, to sew your own intricate patterns and stir your favorite colors with it, rather than dilly dallying now and regretting later.

And the best part about being on this journey is that, there is this extremely enticing notion that starts to grow from within and I’d like to assume, that’s what the gleam of “growth” feels like, although I know it’s a long way off.

In my opinion, “growth” is like nourishing a plant with adequate sunlight and water, otherwise, with time we just tend to wither and die away. Well! Growth for sure does not make one immortal, rather, it adds a rare significance, which makes one truly authentic!

Learning a new instrument, trying your hands on a new recipe, baking a cake for your parents birthdays, publishing your own book, traveling the world, learning a new language, starting a new career, saying I love you and sorry to somebody you care, being thoughtful before being critical of others, speaking graciously of those who no longer exists in your life, (be it your ex friends, ex families, ex partners ) As I just cannot think of anybody who does not look attractive by doing so.

Dreams and desires are not only about aiming high and achieving the unattainable, perhaps, it could be anything from a small humane gesture to flying to the Mars..!

So for those of you, who’s got a sack full of aspirations locked up in the pretext of “One day”, go ahead and unlock it with much zest and confidence, for that “one day” might never cease to exist.

In the end, No matter what we do or who we aspire to be, what’s essential is to be compassionate and kind, and most importantly, to yourself too!

So dash ahead and get started, for it’s never too late. ♥️

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