By Manuel Calderon

Night, caged in a dark sky,
let me be born before I die
let me hear your footprints before it rains
She took the sun from my arms
leaving my days without shapes or colors
The moon spills in my window
coming to light the separated halves
of that love that we live without shine
The wine burned my misplaced lips
when the fingers of his shadow said goodbye
The wishes were anchored under her clothes
Only the fragments of my bones exist
anchored to the side of my loneliness
who do not know about forbidden loves
I dressed in the skin of his love
but the distance struck down my illusions
Passion and desire became utopias
and I stood on the the edge of the nameless abyss
in a world where she does not live
Tomorrow I will not be able to hug her
I have both broken hands
and the hope melted in my eyelids
I can't cry you no matter how much I want to
my eyes turned to stones
and the flowers in my blood dried
I'm drawing on the wall of disillusionment
the kisses that will never come
I'm sorry I can't celebrate
the anniversary of your body


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