Opposing Shoepoints or Two Points of Shoe (you choose) by Michele Lee Sefton


You’re oh so enticing
lined in a row.
A multitude of styles,
patterns, shapes, and colors.
Where you’ll take me,
my mind explores –
        to the boardroom
        to the dance floor
        to a night of amour

Wanting so much
to scoop you up, slip you on
and slip away –
        to another location
        to a romantic vacation
        to a dream vocation

Then I remember,
that I have several,
just like you at home,
tucked away in a box and
placed on a shelf.
Perfectly fitting for each
of these daydreams.

Until then, I will keep
slipping into comfort
and staying away from –
        joint pain
        back pain
        shortened tendons
        sprained ankles
        ingrown toenails

Perhaps it’s a blessing that
my reasons for needing you
are few and far between,
because the results you create
don’t have the same effect
as my daydreams.

A perfectly sensible Heel
In my twenties, I broke you in and I wore you out.
You complemented my professional dress,
always tailor-fitted and perfectly pressed.
My office attire changed when I became a teacher for hire.
To the back of the closet, I sent you and my business suits,
and out came the modest clothes and sensible shoes.
You stood your ground and I found you again and again,
for special occasions and dinner engagements,
which became nonexistent during the pandemic.

It is a new day. The sun is shining, and the weather is warm.
With a sole purpose and mask adorned, I am off to the shoe store
to buy one pair of summer sandals, nothing more.
Browsing the casual aisle, a shimmer catches my eye.
I know what is going on behind my back –
a row of sparkles attempting to attract.
I will pretend to not notice. I will ignore.
I came for summer sandals, nothing more.
My plan was foiled when I looked up.
A reflection, now shining behind and in front.
There is no escape. I am trapped!
Fine! Just one glance. One try. One uplifting dance.

Bedazzled and beguiled, but not convinced, I pass the glittery straps
and grab a look that has less sparkle, but more appeal –
a sleek black heel.
Versatile and sensible still. Right?
A few power strides and I come alive.
My feet did easily slip into this power trip.
I am lifted. This feels good. I will not lie.
Tomorrow, I may (or may not) pay a price.
Today, you are a perfect fit. I give in. You win.

I wasn’t going to try you. I wasn’t going to buy you.
Then, I realized I have a special occasion and I need your look.
The sun is shining on this new day and on this new day, I woke up.
That is special enough.

The first poem, “Stilettos,” was written in early 2020 and is included in my first Being a Woman – Overcoming poetry collection. What began as a one-poem post turned into just one more, after I took an overdue trip to the shoe store. No surprise to my readers, who know I am generous with my words, keeping you from your chores. The second poem, “A perfectly sensible Heel,” that stepped into my world yesterday afternoon, offers a different shoe point of view (and a bit more fun too). Thank you for visiting and reading. Be well. Michele

To honor Mother’s Day coming up in May, our Being a Woman paperback poetry collections are being offered at a reduced price for a limited time. The three collections, created by poet mom (me) and artist daughter (Sammi Lee), are a creative alternative for the traditional expensive Mother’s Day single card. The collections, in their entirety, span all phases of a woman’s life, from a young girl to an elderly departed woman, and others in between. The collections offer reflection, empowerment, historical reference, laughter, wisdom, and guidance. The collections are offered through Amazon and can be accessed by clicking each image, or by searching Michele Lee Sefton on Amazon. Previews and reviews are also available. Enjoy!

Illustration:Being a Woman – Overcoming illustration, created by Sammi Lee Photo1 and 2: DSW shoe store, my images, perfectly sensible heels

© 2021 Michele Lee Sefton.

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