Tea please!

SedenB Watanabe

Over again, I find myself caught in the rat race. Every so often, all weary and exhausted, and at times, a little off track, hobbling around trying to pull myself back up and get moving.

Whilst, I am a kind of person who loves living a slow paced life, there are times when I too get trapped in the daily absurdities of adulthood and I guess there is no way out unless you keep giving yourself a friendly reminder sporadically, regardless of how ridiculously busy you are and nudge yourself from time to time for short breaks and to just mellow out a bit.

On days like this when I find myself totally enervated, I know it’s time for me to stow away everything that I’m doing and in lieu, use that energy to create a placid lull moment around me. And this leads me towards one of the the most comforting things in my life and that’s my little “Tea nook” in my kitchen & in other words, I call it “My safe haven”.

Depending on the season, what time of the day it is, how I am feeling both mentally and physically, I brew my tea accordingly and even better when paired with the right kinda treats.

Sometime ago, when I found myself working on choosing how to live life mindfully, I believe I must’ve pledged myself ( an unspoken one ) on investing at-least 5-10 mins a day for a quick tea session and by this, I am not talking about gulping down the golden, amber, brown, greenish liquid down my throat while scrolling down my screen. Rather, I was giving myself an opportunity to live in the present moment while I was accompanied by this beautiful benevolent liquor that we all take for granted and actually “drinking” my tea.

In the course of time, I have come to learn that teatime is such an excellent way to invigorate our flagging senses through the earthy, grassy, floral aroma, rising up our warm cuppa.

I truly believe that this simple yet delightful drink gives us the ability to inhale calm and exhale the chaos through every sip if we do it the right way.

I know this might sound a bit too overwhelming for some of you out there but since it works magic for me, I might as well want to recommend to all the lovely tea heads out there and for that matter, even for coffee lovers. After all, what matters here is learning how to savor the moment with your favorite cuppa beside you. Who knows, my teensy – weensy secret of revival might become your little gateway to a quick escapism too.

At the end of the day, all that matters is the little things in life, isn’t it?

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